Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miniatures in my life: I'm a lucky girl!

I am one of the luckiest people in the world.  No, no lottery or prize winner.  Luckier than that!  Everyday I get to enjoy doing what I love.  I love to create, sell, see and share the world of miniatures.  My greatest pleasure with miniatures is sharing them. 

Dollhouses and miniatures know no boundaries.  Age, ability, economics, etc., cannot hold anyone back from enjoying them.  It is delightful to see someone come into my shop for the first time.  I can almost see them shrink their vision and quiet their bodies to marvel at the detail.  Then, the memories start.  The items themselves bring back stories of their experiences.  Often I hear about the house someone’s dad or grandpa crafted.  The hint of nostalgia crosses their face; and the delight is in the describing what was in their memory a grandiose, glorious dollhouse! My shop is a place of smiles.  See, don’t you agree, I am lucky!
These pictures are of an antique shop I created with my mother's collection after she passed away.  She was the inspiration behind, and my partner in crime with, my love of miniatures! (Click on the picture below for a larger view.)

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  1. Judy, the antique shop is beautiful. Your mother must have had quite a collection!

    Welcome to blogland! :)



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