Friday, December 10, 2010

Combining Interests

j.getzan's complete kitchen island.
His contemporary pot tower with sized cookware.
I Believe most miniaturists at some point reflect other life's interests in miniature.  Although most people who are introduced to miniatures and dollhouses begin with the thought of a traditional dollhouse; those of us that have taken the passion further, usually focus on crafting and/or collecting miniatures that tell our personal story.  That being said, my most enjoyable miniatures to collect are kitchen related items because I love to cook.  One of my favorite artists is J.Getzan.  He crafts outstanding chandeliers and lighting fixtures.  However what I am most impressed by is his exquisite copperware.  It is something I can not resist carrying in my shop and having in my own collection.  The detail to scale and authenticity makes any kitchen setting evoke quality. These are a two of his pieces I currently have in the shop.


  1. Look at you, blogging like a pro! :)

    I love these copper pots. The workmanship is amazing. Certainly not your everyday miniatures!



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