Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vintage Sesame Street - Two Little Girls in a Little Doll house

Jim Henson, best known for his Muppet characters, strayed from his norm when asked to do a counting series of films for Sesame Street. In his Number 2, he filmed 2 little girls as they played with 2 dolls and a doll house. It is about 2 dolls as they have a tea party and then go to bed. After lights out, they are visited by 2 cats, Henson family pets, who wreck havoc in the house. To lure the cats into the house, the tea cups were filled with the liquid from canned tuna fish. Henson himself made the dollhouse for his daughters' (who aren't in the film) Madame Alexander dolls. It's a model of the Connecticut home they lived in at the time. This is a fun memory of my dollhouse interest! (I was a bit to old, not by much!, for Sesame Street in 1970, but I still remember seeing it and hating the kitchy song, but loving the house!) And I apologize before you watch this because you will hum this song for the rest of the day! Enjoy! ~judy

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  1. That is an adorable film, and what a lovely, lasting gift to his daughters!


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