Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Compare MINIS please!

I haven't posted in awhile.  It seems my Blog posts always get put on the back burner in relation to all of the other duties of my store and product line. (and I am not quite sure what all the picture changing means on Blogspot) I feel compelled to reach out today.

I want to take a minute and wear my shop owner hat this morning. I consider myself a well educated miniaturist and business person. It is important to me to step back sometimes and study the miniature retail world on venues such as websites, Amazon, Ebay, etc. I am not making reference to individual, handcrafted miniatures such as Etsy. I spent the morning comparing trends, looking at traffic numbers, popular products, and other statistics online this morning. I encourage you to know whom you are buying your miniatures and supplies. It is not necessarily the big box top sites that have the best pricing, shipping and service. For example, I and other reputable miniature retailers carry this sled for anywhere from $1.90-2.99:
I will not give you the links to these other examples because this is not intended to get into any online arguments-but, this same item is on Ebay & Amazon for as much as $27.25 plus shipping. It pops up first because those venues are usually based on the person who pays the most gets listed first. I am not saying they are wrong; I am saying to you just don't assume! It does not have to be me ( :) although I would appreciate it), but please buy your miniatures and supplies from businesses following fair practices. Give your star ratings on Social Media sites and Google to products and websites. Do not let false paid ratings get ahead of those of us that really know the miniature world. I like answering questions, providing product information and even being honest when I know you can find something some place else if I cannot get or be competitive.

So be wary friends.  In everyone's haste to get things they want we all, including myself, don't pause and consider the big 'little' picture!  Stop by the site today if you want some MINIS and supplies!


  1. Some very sound advise- thank you!

  2. I agree totally. I always shop around. I recently got the Greenleaf travel trailer kit for $24.95 but searches took me to some websites selling it for three times as much.


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