Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy MINI Mother's Day!

Happy MINI Mother's Day! This is a very important day on my MINI calendar-you see, it was my Mum that introduced me to miniatures. I am the youngest of 5; she jokingly told me as an adult that she kept trying until she had one artistic child! We all have our talents, don't misunderstand me, music, math, sports, etc....but, I was the one that got loaded with her art and craft genes. Many of you may know her from her days of teaching school. While others may remember her teaching children the art of miniatures at my shop.
As I have said before, I am a huge fan of the long standing Chrysnbon Miniature line. Along with typical reasons that the products are beautiful, affordable and great to scale, I love the line because my Mum finally achieved the honor of being published for her miniature work in Chrysnbon Cut-ups, Vol. 2. It was the year my dad passed. It was such a happy moment to divert her from her sadness. If you have the book, you will see her beautiful face and creative project on page 33. She would have so enjoyed this whole Facebook thing and connecting with miniaturists from around the world. In her last years she was teaching herself to use a laptop so she could email her many grandchildren and look up mini ideas!
Again, Happy Mother's Day MINI Style! And thanks Mum if you can hear me: I always remember you saying for me to balance my talent with good business and I will be happy every day doing what I love to do! And thank you to all of you for supporting my business to add to my happiness! ~judy

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