Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here is an interesting MINI tidbit! Here is a rare example of a Mexican dollhouse which is dated around 1890-1920.
The mansion is believed to be a copy of an old house in Puebla, Mexico. The miniature was found in an antique store in the 70’s. It has a French flavor to it, much like the architecture in Puebla and Mexico City. The house is fully furnished and includes traditional rooms as well as a music room and chapel. There is an automobile in the driveway. There is an abundance of accessories from the period. The roof garden has an aviary and gazebo. There is an elevator that goes to the roof through an ornate filigree stairwell. The six dolls inhabiting the house date from 1890-1920. Oh how I wish to see this up close!
The information I can find on where this house is now, is that it was housed in the Washington Doll Museum until it closed, and then moved to Angel's Attic Museum in Santa Monica, CA

Enjoy! Hey, and a note to Beverly M., thanks for the email telling my how much you enjoy that I share all things MINI; not just selling miniatures! My dad always told me to know everything I can about what I sell and the best retailer's love what they sell. Thanks dad....I am sure he would be proud that I follow his advice! ~judy       

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