Friday, April 28, 2017

And the Award for Best Grandfather Goes To.....

A shout out to Adam L. for being the sweetest Grandfather! MINI story of the day......Adam's granddaughter is often in the hospital for a chronic illness. She was super upset on Monday because she had to go once again. She cried to her 'Pappy' that she just could not go this time because she would miss her cat 'Duchess'. He had me overnight this MINI gem. He put it in her bag as a surprise. He just emailed me that the medical staff made a BIG deal about her LITTLE Duchess and all her tears went away! She told her Pappy that small Duchy has the same illness and it is up to her to take care of the little kitty when in the hospital. One nurse even brought Duchy a bottle cap full of milk for breakfast this morning!
Enjoy your day MINI friends! Stop by the site and do a 'little' shopping! ~judy

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  1. What a Wonderful story! Children and "little things" go together so well don't they?


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