Monday, May 23, 2016

Beaded Tree

I was reminded over the weekend of one of my first MINI projects! A customer ordered several small toys from our Accessories category, along with a string of Christmas lights and some tiny wrapped presents. I dropped her a note with her order asking about her project. She told me she found a vintage instruction book on crafting a tree out of beads. Boy, did the memories flood back of my Mum and I stringing beads and creating branches for this same tree!
This is a wonderful project for clubs, home decor or gift giving. I am not sure if the book (or kit at one point was available) is still available. Any of you MINI friends know?
I carry a wide variety of tree decorations, toys and presents if you are inspired to create a Bead tree-or for that matter any Dollhouse Miniature Tree! Thanks Wanda M. for the great memories of my MUM! ~judy

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