Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We need a 'little' help from our friends!

I am humbled so many of you enjoy the stories I bring you. Your comments, likes and emails are very important to me.  I try to bring you information, interesting stories (the October series still seems to be the favorite) and even some quirky MINI trivia, along with letting you into my personal MINI world! I would very much appreciate if you would consider my online dollhouse and miniature shop when needing (and wanting!) miniature supplies, furniture, accessories, etc. I am a small fish among the 'big box' MINI sites; and I struggle to get google searches to notice me. Any kind reviews of your shopping experience with me on your page, in MINI groups or sharing of my website on your sites, blogs and pages would mean the world to me! Everyone prefers shopping in different ways. We are lucky to have som many choices in our MINI world.   Here is what I have to offer and I hope it fits how some of you prefer to shop:  Wide variety of everything MINI, the lowest base price for products, few gimmicks to get you to buy (although when I have a special, I mean special-don't forget to join my email list!), shipping based on the USPS structure for small business, and most important:  I have had a general, well respected miniature business for 35 years!  I LOVE MINIS!  Ok, enough groveling!  Enjoy your day!  ;) Please don't forget to include the actual  www.justminiaturescale.com.  ~judy

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  1. Judy, I have found that using a blog can be very helpful in directing traffic to your site. When you post you are able to use Tag Words that come up in Google Searches and direct traffic to your site. I just started facebook pages for my sites on ETSY and it`s a great way to get the word out on your product and it`s free. Mini Hugs, Jenn


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