Saturday, January 31, 2015


Good morning MINI friends. One of the 'MINIS' that all of the women in my family growing up shared was the collection of a charm bracelet.  Yes, I know the concept has been revitalized with the bead type bracelets today, but the charm bracelets of the 1940-70's were intricate miniatures that many of the miniatures in our dollhouses are patterned after.  Each bracelet told a story.  My aunt's was filled with pieces related to card playing, travels and religious charms; my mum's was peppered with 'world's greatest teacher' charms from her students, state cut outs from vacations and others that were just ones we liked as children and proudly presented on Mother's Day; my sister's had a miniscule flute and April birthstone among her dangling collection; and mine, oh mine, had everything from an artist pallet to the first space capsule (it opened to reveal the tiny seated astronaut!).  I mentioned the other day that miniatures are seen in many art forms.  Miniatures and memories, they go 'hand in hand'!
*and...sadly my bracelet was stolen in college, and never replaced :(  So, if you run across one that has those two charms along with a crate of oranges, a March birthstone, a #76, a sewing machine and about 15 other ones, it belongs too me, it tells my story!  Have a great Saturday!  ~judy

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  1. I adore charm bracelets! Sadly mine were also stolen years ago. Irreplaceable


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