Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IKEA Direct Mailing

Miniatures have often been used to sell full scale products. Salesman's Samples (transportable, fully detailed, miniatures of a full size item) have been used since the 1700's. However in modern times IKEA has taken the concept to a new level. Now tell me if this came in your mailbox your mind would not race with the idea potential!! ~judy www.justminiaturescale.com
IKEA designers created the concept specifically for the company's direct mail campaign to introduce "Flat Pack" furniture designs to existing consumers and potential shoppers. The bifold mail piece pops up to reveal a bed, side table, bookshelf and a drawer set in an almost 3D environment. The mail piece gave customers a miniature sneak peek of what the furniture would look like arranged in a model home.

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