Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Emmy Award Goes To.....

The TV Emmy Awards coming up next month. We all root for our favorite shows to win. I think there should be an award for 'Best Dollhouse Featured In A TV Show'! Hands down my winner would definitely go to Phoebe's creation in the Friends episode Monica inherits a dollhouse that as a child, she was never allowed to touch. Uptight Monica is unnerved with Phoebe's way she plays with the elegant dollhouse.
You can find several clips on YouTube of this episode that shows both Monica's and Phoebe's Dollhouse. They are fun to watch!
So, which type of dollhouse lover are you? Phoebe? or Monica? Me- I side with Phoebe-I appreciate perfection, but I admire whimsy! I loved Phoebe saying, "Come, dinosaur, we're not welcome at the house of no imagination."
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