Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Ladies' Man

A friend of mine recently told me that reading my page was better than a magazine! What a compliment! I hope all of you enjoy the twist I put on your MINI day. As an editorial, I believe a quality miniature retailer brings you the world of MINIS and not simply items for sale. Thanks for the comments and emails telling me you find my posts interesting! That being said......
In 1961, the Jerry Lewis film 'The Ladies' Man' was filmed in what was to give the illusion of a dollhouse. The silly comedy was typical Jerry Lewis. He wanted the dream sequence to present as though the audience was truly peering into his magical world (of course in true fashion, there were many scantily clad beauties!). Note the size of the cameramen in the front and you will get a feel for the size and complexity of this set!
Just a fun concept to show you yet another way how the world's creative minds bring dollhouses into art. Enjoy your day. I would appreciate if you would do a 'little' shopping today. ~judy

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