Friday, April 1, 2016

Commercial Time

I have not done a commercial enticing you to shop on my (fabulous, wonderful, best ever) dollhouse miniature store in a while. It is not my favorite type of post. I'd rather share the world of miniatures with you rather than bells and whistles, blow up my prices then mark them down sale, final sale, reopening sale, last minute sale, limited time sale, supposed deep discounts sale, and so know the drill....please just know I appreciate your business, I am here to help with your questions, I have good prices, I regularly have legitimate sales on items every miniature collector and crafter can use, fair shipping and I love dollhouse miniatures as much as you do!

I'll step down from my soap box now :) I may not even keep this post up after I cool off- as many of you can guess, I was shown that someone is using a lot of information that I have written based on my experience and research and making it their own on another site-even coming close to using my name :(

Have a great Friday, spend some time doing what we all love and if you need supplies and/or MINIS please consider my store! My store, the original, real, Miniature Scale.

~judy and

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