Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Amazing Art of Dioramas

The interest in scale miniatures involves more than our whimsical, wonderful world of dollhouses! We have always embraced our bother (no I am not being sexist here, just using an explainable term!!) hobbyists of model railroad enthusiasts. Now the rise in interest in Fairy Gardening has brought attention to a new audience. Tucked in the middle is the amazing world of scaled dioramas; that word so conjures up elementary school book reports, which does not do this world justice! Often using themes such as vehicles, military history, Sci fi, and exterior urban scenes, these miniatures are remarkable in their detail and skill. Although to some dollhouse enthusiasts, theme may not cross over as readily, however, certainly an appreciation for the art and detail goes without saying. Let's keep in mind the 'Wonderful World of Miniatures' is all embracing to creators of stories, and moments in time, with the use of diminutive art.
And, so MINI friends in all worlds, I close with an introduction (of course!) to my website for all of your supply needs!! ~judy www.justminiaturescale.com

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  1. Hello Judy,
    These are terrific pictures. The level of detail is fantastic!
    Big hug,


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