Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Forde Doll & Doll House Collection

The next time someone says, “Good night, sweet dreams”, know that there is the perfect place for MINI fans to have the perfect night’s sleep!  How about a B & B filled with dollhouse miniatures?
The Forde Doll & Doll House Collection is located within the Hampton House Bed & Breakfast in Walterborro, SC.  The 50+ doll houses in the collection mainly consist of antiques. The Collection includes 36 room boxes and a large collection of china, bisque, and antique dolls.
Diane Forde and her husband, Henry Ruthinoski opened the Hampton House Bed & Breakfast and installed their collection of doll houses. The Collection includes miniatures from the United States and also contains miniatures from Germany, Japan, and Korea. The doll houses can be inspected in the living room of the Hampton House, which is a building that dates back to 1912.
Create some MINI dreams for yourself; stop by and do a ‘little’ shopping today!  ~judy

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    What fun. Thank you for posting about it.
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