Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Better homes--Without Magic!

Better homes--Without Magic!
ca. 1946
After World War II, the chemical producer 'Interchemical Corporation' advertised in a major magazine. Under a photograph showing a girl playing with a dollhouse, the firm described how well everyone will live in the post war years. Not only because of the 10,000,000 new houses that were needed, but because of the benefits of the chemically-treated surfaces within. Wallpapers will be washable, canvas won't mildew, and appliances will keep their luster longer, were a few of the things promised. It was a time of better living through chemicals, with little thought for future consequences. Regardless of the controversial use of what we now know can be very dangerous chemicals, it is a beautiful photo of a child with a dollhouse. Timeless!
Thanks to all who enjoyed my 'seussical' attempt at MINI poetry yesterday :)  Especially Marie G., who told me I brought a smile to her on a very sad day-MINIS, memories and smiles, the best!

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