Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dan Ohlmann-Extraordinary Miniature Artist!

Countdown to the Oscars in MINI continues! (Oprah has nothing on me!!) Created by miniaturist artist Dan Ohlmann, the Musée Cinéma et Miniature, in France, presents two rare and exclusive collections:
first, over 100 miniature scenes exquisitely crafted by world-renowned miniaturists and reproducing daily life settings with hyper-realism; second, a film exhibition, one-of-its-kind in Europe, that focuses on special effects techniques. Featuring over 300 original film props and artifacts, this educational display uncovers the magic behind the greatest film studios.
The Museum continues acquiring new miniatures every year, both in France and abroad. It also has a trainee program in which miniaturist students can participate in the current projects and learn their craft first hand.
Ok, not only is this museum the #1 on my MINI bucket list to visit, to be employed here creating MINIS and working with such talent is beyond imagining!
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Oh to be able to examine the artistry of these creations in person! I appreciate the creative photography to enable the viewer to understand the scale. 

Dan Ohlmann's work is visionary! You can read more about this remarkable museum: http://www.museeminiatureetcinema.fr/historique_eng.html
Definetly pour a cup of coffee and get lost in the website! (oh, and then get lost in mine!!!!) 

Formerly a cabinetmaker, Museum’s Director Dan Ohlmann starts creating scale furniture in Paris in 1985. Fascinated with the Art Nouveau style, he creates in 1987 a 1/12th-scale model of the world famous Chez Maxim’s restaurant in Paris. Amazing!  

Titled 'Juraissic Story' this model by Dan Ohlmann truly shows the scope of detail he puts into his designs. 

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  1. Hello Judy,
    What amazing miniatures. Thank you for bringing Dan's work to our attention.
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