Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy October!

Happy October! Throughout the year many of you asked if I would be doing my homage to October with stories related to Halloween. I love the colors of Fall and the whimsey of Halloween. So, yes, let's get started kicking off our MINI countdown to the 31st! I hope you enjoy this series and stop back often this month. Some will be creepy, some kooky, some fun and weird! I would be grateful if you showed your appreciation of this effort by visiting (and shopping) my online shop for your MINIS! The place for everything you need:
Accessories*Furniture*Dolls*Building Supplies*Electric Needs

~~~~ It is dark and chilly on this foggy October morning. Home alone in only the glow of my computer screen......and then I come across this amazing example of a creepy MINI house! The details and storytelling are 'spook'tacular! So many references to all of your favorite scary books and horror movies! Check out the blog of the creator along with a multitude of detailed color photos! Enjoy! ~judy

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  1. Hello Judy,
    Great post. the pictures are terrific. Happy October.
    Big hug,


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