Thursday, October 9, 2014


Good Morning MINI Ghouls! In the cult show ‘Charmed’ there is a beautiful Eastlake Victorian Dollhouse that is an exact mini replica of the Halliwell Manor. It was created by Grams when Piper was a child. Although at the time Piper assumed she made it herself, when she really did it through magic. In Season 7, Piper and Leo were trapped in it by Wyatt when he thought they needed protection and in Season 8, the three sisters were trapped in it when being impersonated by Demons. After escaping from it for the second time, Piper blew it up. The episodes are available on DVD and I would imagine on places like Netflix.
Enjoy your MINI treats today! Fill my ‘treat’ bag with orders and I will continue to 'charm' you with MINI articles! ~judy

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  1. Hello Judy,
    That is one of my favorite episodes. Great dollhouse.
    Big hug,


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