Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tea Sets

Did you know that one of the most common miniatures collected among dollhouse miniature collectors and collectors of curiosities in general, are tea sets? Diminutive tea sets have been prized by Royals for centuries. Even in a day and age where the afternoon tea is not a common household occurrence anymore, teasets are still a gift every little girl receives to play with her dolls. From Fisher-Price to Limoges, tea sets of all themes, shapes and sizes, are considered treasures by many. Stop by the site and check out the many MINI sets we have to add a touch of treasure to your collection today! ~judy www.justminiaturescale.com **Photo is a miniature Fabergé tea set from the collection of the English Royals, which was originally owned by Queen Alexandra of Denmark, can be seen at Buckingham Palace.**

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  1. Hello Judy,
    How lovely. that Faberge set is incredible.
    Big hug,


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