Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!
I received quite a bit of attention on some social network pages when they viewed a photo of my inside/outside basket.  It is a whimiscal project that I had crafted several years ago.  I look forward every year to bringing it out of the closet to celebrate the fall. 
I believe that you can create an entire story with the most simple displays.  The custom of Trick O' Treating, was an activity I shared with my brothers and sisters.  We anticipated and planned for it all year. It was one of the times in childhood we would see the playful side of our father come out.  (He taught me to burn the end of a cork and use the char to create a perfect hobo beard that was easily washed off). We grew up in a downtown neighborhood where none of us had much.  The treats we procured on Halloween were a dream come true for many of us.  We tried to make the bounty last as long as possible; we envied the one of us with the last treat after a few weeks.
Again, miniatures and memories are what bring most of us into this diminutive world!  Miniatures allow us to capture a feeling and create a world that we want to revisit.
For this project I simply put a heavy brick into the base of the basket to weight it down.  I used 1/4" foam board to fashion the floor and wall within the handle.  From there it was all decorating and creating.  I encourage you to try this project for yourself.  I guarantee the concept of inside/outside will bring a smile to everyone's face!  If I can help with supplies or pieces, visit the website  Enjoy!

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  1. How cool to have two different scenes on either sides of the handle! Novel. :)


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