Sunday, July 22, 2012

Petite Pets!

We have introduced miniatures to another world.  Sometimes I think about all the folks who have never been presented with the oppotunity to see miniatures.  I tried to think of a way to extend my world into other areas in order to share the fun.  Our love of animals inspired the idea for Petite Pets. Having grown up with dogs for most of our lives, we passed the love and respect of animals onto our children. Our daughter and her husband are simply crazy for their weimeraner, Holly; and our son and his wife are simply nuts about their two cats, Geno and Daisy. It has always been fun finding them pet related gifts. So, we thought what better way to delight them, but to create our own gift line! The charm of mini animal friends perched on a shelf or played with and collected by children, is the perfect addition to your passion for your pet. So make room for a Petite Pet and create the perfect mini home for your new friend!  Visit for all of the information.

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