Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day everyone!  This weekend always reminds me of my Dad.  He always told the silliest stories about what he and his fellow army buddies would do to amuse themselves while in Saipan during WWII.   However, then as he got older he admitted to me, that remembering the silly stories, helped him forget the stories of sadness he didn't want to think about.  I decorated my diningroom table today in honor of my dad and all of those that serve.  Oh yea, and it is necessary to have a cold beer to complete the memorial tribute to him!  I can hear him now, "While you are up, (funny how I was always sitting and my young mind didn't quite get that joke until I was older), can you refill this empty bottle with a fresh one?"  I always got up for him.  He was my hero and bigger than life!  Once again MINIS and memories go hand in hand!


  1. What a great tribute to your dad!

  2. Good memories are so important.

    But,let's all remember veterans everywhere and pray to bring home those who have served too well, too often and too dearly.
    Ann Keogh, Pittsburgh


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